Green Farm 2016

674 Reidsdale Rd

Robyn Sim purchased Green Farm, a 5.3-hectare grass paddock, in 2005 with the view of developing the property to support a sustainable lifestyle as a retirement ”project”.

The attraction of the ‘paddock’ was the magnificent Eucalyptus viminalis on the eastern side and the granite outcrops.


The main priorities at first were to establish the orchard and vegetable garden, along with providing bird habitat and windbreaks by planting a mix of native trees around the boundaries.


When the house was completed in 2007, Robyn then started to develop the garden, although a large ornamental garden was never part of the plan, it ”just seemed to happen”.

The garden can be described as a one that has evolved rather than one that has been planned, although the granite outcrops have dictated where gardens are located.


As such, it is a very informal garden containing a variety of plants, both native and exotic. The garden now covers an area of more than 1 hectare and is still growing with a recently planted eremophila garden.

Robyn’s favourites in the garden are the natives, especially the waratahs which look spectacular when in flower.


Reidsdale experiences distinct seasons and the garden reflects this with all seasons having their special attraction; from the bare trees silhouetted against the sky in a bleak winter to the drifts of bright daffodils in early spring.

Spring also brings out the blossom trees, giving way to flowering shrubs, irises and roses. Summer flowering perennials then come into their own before the deciduous trees and shrubs change colour in autumn.